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Flying Solo  2020 release (2022 reissue)

Flying Solo

Behind The Eight Ball

My Heart Beats Out A Rhythm

The Fall

Ghost Town of Dreams

Coming Back Again

No Time

This Poor Man’s Supper

A Southwest Christmas Night

Ballads and blues, stories of passion and fate.

Includes a seasonal song as well.

A listener’s comment:

“What a great eclectic collection!! I love the

lyrics and the instruments you’re playing.

What an outstanding album!”


Waiting For Daybreak  2004 release

Buttermilk Moon

Mountain Man

Carol Jean

The Hard Ride

Picasso-Like Dreams

Old Timer’s Lament

No More


A collection of ballads, blues and pop songs crafted and

recorded in a traditional acoustic style.

"...a fine singing voice, which makes everything

he performs sound pretty."

-- Dan MacIntosh, Indie-Music Review May 2005

New Mexico Magazine Review January 2006

Download Waiting For Daybreak songbook (PDF)

A Wink Is As Good As A Nod  2000 release

Full Moon Runnin’ Roughshod

Black Or White

Nothing Personal

Bunky’s Dilemma

Sell My Saddle

I Know You

Five Day World

Society’s Bad Dreams


Dead Love Blues

Lovin’ In My Automobile

An anthology blending elements of classic rock, western, blues and folk, this collection runs a gamut of musical flavor.

“Good songs and a simple production forces one to focus on his interesting and appealing voice. 4 Stars”

...Rhett Ashley, ICMA Newsletter, Feb 2002

“Songwriters write songs, but they really belong to the listener.”                                       ~Jimmy Buffett

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